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How to solve Roku Error statement “Low Signal Strength”?

While using Roku user might see a “Low Signal strength” message. It mainly occurs when the Roku is not properly connecting to the internet, and today we will discuss the solution to encounter this error message.

Roku is a media streaming device used for streaming the television shows, movies and other content for free. It works with the help of Internet connection, so it charges few MB’s from your net pack against each content you view. So you need to make sure that Roku is properly connecting to the Internet network then only it could be able to function properly. The Roku will display a particular set of error codes and Error statements if it is not receiving the adequate internet speed.

“Low Signal Strength” Error message is also due to an improper Internet connection with Roku. Thus to overcome this Error statement, you need to improve the strength of your Internet network. But First of all, you should check the present speed and make sure if it is low or not. So do the speed test for your home network. Open the web browser and type Now run a speed test and see the resulted speed declared. Check if it meets the required speed for running the Roku efficiently. If you find the speed is not enough to use Roku, then go through the following Roku Help steps to boost the speed of your network.

  1. If you are using a wireless network, then try to place your Roku near to the modem or Router used for internet connection.
  2. Remove the things that physically come in between your Roku and the modem or router is it might be blocking the internet connection.
  3. Try to relocate the Router antennas in a way they exhibit the maximum speed.
  4. Try moving Roku or the router at a few steps nearby and check if the speed fluctuates and you start receiving good speed.
  5. Place the router and the Roku at some height from floor level. It might improve the signal strength.
  6. If the Router or Roku is placed inside any external packing case, then take them out from that cover as it might be blocking the Internet signals.
  7. Make the T.V is not located in between the Roku and the router box. But if it is located in between, then either bring the Roku in front of TV or move the Router at the back of your TV to ensure that TV does not come between the Roku and router.
  8. In case you are using the Roku streaming stick, then try to use the streaming stick at some distance from the television. You can use an extension cable or any suitable USB cable to connect the Roku streaming stick to your TV.
  9. Try to reset you Router and Roku by plugging out the main power cord and then plugging in back the power wire after waiting for 20 seconds. It might boost the speed of your internet network.

If none of the above works in improving the speed of your internet then there might be some problem with your Router so buy a replacement for it. If still the issue is not fixed then contact your Internet Service, provider to improve the speed of your Network. Also visit www Support Roku Com for more Roku help options.