How to enable Expert picture settings for Roku TV?

Users can watch high-quality content on their Roku TV by enabling the .option for Expert Picture from Roku app. So if you also want to enjoy this feature, then go through the following procedure to activate it

Users need to download and install the Roku application on any of their Android or iOS devices as the Expert Picture Settings is only available with it. This option is used to watch best audio/video enthusiasts with passionately calibrated fine-tune key image quality which not comes with standard Roku TV menu. It is designed for the people who wish to have the best picture quality all the streaming content and have the extreme knowledgeable about advanced image quality concepts like color contrast, white light balance, adjustment of a gamma curve, and other background color management.

First, of all go through the pre-requisites for using the Expert Picture settings:

  1. A Roku app installed on any of the Android or iOS device.
  2. An EPS compatible Roku TV.
  3. An internet connection that will be shared by Roku TV and the device on which Roku app is installed.
  4. A Pattern creator along with a Colorimeter.

Once you have setup all the required devices, then go through the following steps to activate the Expert Picture Settings:

  1. Locate the HDMI input for which you want to start playing content on any channel and adjust the settings for it.
  2. Open the Roku app on your device and click on the icon for Settingspresent on the navigation bar.
  3. Choose the option for Expert Picture Settings to open the EPS menu.

EPS menu will display a list of choices in front of your including Picture Mode, Color Temperature, etc. You can set the Picture Mode to Low power, Movie, Normal, Vivid and Enhanced depending on your requirement. The Cool Temperature can be adjusted to warm, normal and cool. The Gama can be set to 1.8, 2.0, 2.2. Noise reduction can be changed to Medium, Low, and Off.

The 11 Point White Balance can be modified on the basis of four parameters that are Gain, Red, Green, and Blue. Gain can be varied from 10 to 100 % while Red, Green, and Blue from a numerical value of -255 to + 255.

Color Management option is used to adjust the Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow colors for Hue, Saturation, Brightness, Offset and Gain within a range of -255 to +255. Similarly, you can explore the rest others features of it while using it.

EPS is designed to read and modify the inputs and image quality automatically.If the EPS changes any of the parameters, then an asterisk shows up on that settings menu at the TV screen to confirm that the changes are made. The changes made to the options for Color Management, gamma and noise Reduction, will automatically save with the settings for picture mode in the selected input.11 Point White Balance alterations will be copied as the values for global color temperature. The 11 point gains can be used to fine-tune the color temperature. So this way the EPS can be used to watch the quality content on Roku. For more information and help related to Roku do visit www Support Roku Com

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